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Art: "The harmonious expression of one's vision of life"

The figure has been my interest, inspiration and focus, which I have continued to study through a strong foundation in drawing, I found sculpture as I sought to explore a more plastic vehicle of communication. The energy, vigor and emotive quality of the human figure intrigue me and this has sustained and anchored my work. Through the exploration of the language of the body I have been able to capture exaggerated movement and subtle gesture, the expression of emotions and attitudes thus encapsulating and portraying varying aspects of the human condition.

Striving for mastery of technique and a deep understanding of anatomy my struggle is not just to make the figure life-like but to capture the energy, motivation and spirit that are reflected in every aspect of the subject. With an ability gained over decades of dedication to observation and expression I am able not just to see what lays on the surface but how it is shaped from within and what is the driving force and essence underneath.

Modeling, my favored method, allows me to incorporate the energy of the process which I can vary according to concept and attention to detail. There are times when the attention is to the big picture with concern only for the essence and energy of the figure, at other times there is more attention to detail which might be essential to the concept. At all times however, the process feels natural as the sculpture evolves out of a close observation of nature.

With confident in the benevolence of nature I am inspired by the heroic in mankind and am moved to express through the vitality, beauty, grace and strength of the human figure in its varied shapes, sizes, abilities and functions the spirit that motivates it. The human spirit is limitless in its grandeur.